May 8, 2012


Now that Opie and I have been in our home for almost 4 years, I've *finally* begun some gardening this Spring. It doesn't look like much yet, but it's a big improvement on the wall of evil holly bushes that the previous owners left us. I mean, most of the holly bushes are still there, but at least there's something prettier to draw the eye now. For how little I enjoyed helping my parents with gardening growing up, it's surprising just how therapeutic I find it now.

Some things are definitely doing better than others. I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose at least one of my plants this week, but that's okay. It's all new to me, so I'm perfectly happy experimenting. I'll just try something new in that spot if it doesn't work out. All of my safe bets that I've seen do well in my Mom's garden (hyndrangea, lantana, rosemary, etcetera) are doing great, so it's no biggie if some of the others don't. I'm probably most excited about the beginning of an herb garden that I've started in one end of the front garden bed. I just have basil, rosemary and cilantro so far, but I'll probably go for chives and mint next. We originally planned to put in an herb garden in the backyard, but our choice of great danes for pets has pretty well curbed any gardening adventures in the backyard, short of what can be potted out of their reach.


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