August 27, 2010

Busy Bee

All summer long, I worked 2 jobs in addition to my beloved photography gig, and also took a summer school course. In short, I've been busy, busy, busy. My summer graphic design internship with a retail company very happily became a bonafide position! Interestingly enough, I'm doing a -ton- of product photography at work. We're a very small art department and as such, all of us wear many hats. I'm obviously happy to don my photography hat whenever I can.

While I've certainly also been fitting in my own photo shoots on the weekends and the rare free weekday, my sanity has required that a few commitments fall by the wayside, like, y'know, blogging. Updates have still been going up pretty frequently on my facebook page, but my sister's blog roll reminds me everyday that it's been 2 months since you heard from me here. Whoops. While I'm still plenty busy with my new position and the new school semester, I'll try to pop in here more often.

For now, here's a little smattering of the things you've been missing!

My perfect little nephew, Will, born mid-June.

Baby Will

Sara & Trenton's Wedding.
Sara & Trenton

The Drury Family.
Drury Crew


Ryan's Senior Portraits.

And here's one of the many things I've been trying to fit into my crazy schedule:
Me & Trajan
Quality time with my absurdly large dogs! Portrait of moi courtesy of a certain Casey Smith.

And while I was already up late finishing up homework and editing some photos for work, I must now head to bed.



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