August 10, 2011

Anna & Harper - Allen, Texas Wedding

I've had the joy of working for quite a few friends with camera in hand now.  Anna was especially fun to work with because it was like a flashback to Pre-Calculus and Calculus every time we corresponded. That may not actually sound like fun, but trust me. It was. I met Anna in Pre-Calculus when she was assigned a seat next to me. We passed notes full of doodles, emoticons and the kind of intentionally awful grammar that makes our parents cringe, a la "lolcats". That carried over to our shared Calculus class the next year, and evidently on to wedding planning as well. She'd sign off with things like, "HOW PSYCHED ARE YOU FOR THIS WEDDING!?!?! - Bridezillarz" and I would naturally reply, "I AM SUPER PSYCHED FOR THIS WEDDING!!1!one!1! -Photographasaur" I mean, that's the only correct reply.

Anyhow, Anna and her husband Harper had the kind of wedding I love most - down-to-earth, simple joyful celebration, and all the priorities in order. They definitely recognized that if they were married at the end of the day, then their mission for the day was accomplished. If there were any real snags, I sure didn't notice. I think some items had to be retrieved from home for the ceremony, but for me, and I think for the two of them, those little snafus were completely overshadowed by the things that went perfectly. The wedding mass was beautiful (I love St. Jude's "new" Church building; I hadn't attended a mass there since the new building was built) and the sermon was heartfelt. The reception was held at a hotel on the other side of our hometown, with dancing, chatting, hors d'oeuvres, and wine aplenty. Also: Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.


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