September 22, 2016

Nisa's Austin College Bridal Portraits in Sherman, Texas

Nisa was a joy to work with! She planned her wedding from California, but we still managed to fit in a bridal portrait session on the campus of our shared alma mater. I worked toward my undergraduate degree at Austin College, though I ultimately transferred and finished elsewhere after switching degree programs from business toward art. Nevertheless, AC was always the school where I felt most at home. It felt like a homecoming to wander around campus with Nisa and her mother, and see how much looked exactly the same, and how much had changed! It was an incredibly hot Texas summer day, so we made use of as much air conditioned space as we could. Nisa holds her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, so it made sense to start the session in the IDEA Center, Austin College's fancy new science building. I look forward to sharing Nisa's wedding -- the science theme continued there, with an experiment taking the place of a unity ceremony, and beakers and test tubes used throughout their decor. Nisa's a pretty awesome gal, if you haven't already figured that out.


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