May 9, 2010

Momma's Day

Today is Mother's Day. My mom's working today (she works 12 hour shifts and generally gets up for work about the same time I go to bed) so I'll have to celebrate with her belatedly, but I figured I'd still post a brief shout out to my momma.

My mom has long been my confidante, my snuggle-buddy, and my best friend. While my husband has maybe taken over those roles most of the time these days, I know I can still count on her for any of the above. It seems like most ladies are afraid they'll end up like their mothers. I'd be A-OK with growing up to be like my mom. I could only hope to be such a compassionate, giving, loving woman. If I'm someday even half as good a mother as my own momma, I'll be doing pretty darn well.

I love you mom.


Me 'n' Momma


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