November 20, 2011

Minneapolis Wedding: Merritt & Alex (Part II)

As promised, here's the rest of Merritt & Alex's laid back Baker Park Reserve wedding celebration. It's as clear as day in these photos that this was one heck of a fun wedding. With a live band covering a multitude of folksy genres, great food (hamburgers, hooray!), free-flowing drinks, and a lively dancing crowd, this was one rockin' party. I handed my camera off to an uncle for safe-keeping for one tune so I could get my stepdancing on with my newlywed cousin. If you want this photographer to dance at your wedding, have a fiddler play a reel. Actually, just having a fiddler on hand is a good start by itself.

Some of the typical traditions were skipped, but it sure didn't feel like this wedding was missing anything. The "first dance" was between the bride and a nephew she was keeping entertained. A packed dance floor followed shortly thereafter. In addition to their cake, they had a "Candy Mountain" for all of the kids to achieve their ideal sugar high. Toasts were open mic. Continuing this wedding's trend of friend and family contributions, Merritt's father read a poem he wrote for them that day, and one of their friends played them a song she wrote for them too. And of course, the giant sugar skulls made by a friend played their part in a fantastic impromptu grand finale to the wedding.

Congrats again guys!

Photography: Mary Cyrus
Venue: Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement
Music: Light of the Moon


Julia O'C Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 12:39:00 PM CST  

Gorgeous pictures! That wedding looked like it was a LOT of fun.

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