June 10, 2012

Wedding Preview: Jen & Brian

A little over a week ago, I received an email from Jennifer asking if I was available to photograph their ceremony on June 9th at Katie's Garden. I love when short notice events work out. Not that I don't enjoy having a Saturday off, but really, I'd much rather be photographing a beautiful wedding! Katie's Garden is a venue I stumbled upon pretty recently, on a day when I did a double-header of bridal portraits and engagement portraits in downtown McKinney back in April. It's on the grounds of the Heard-Craig Hall, and is really a gorgeous oasis tucked away on the edge of downtown. With the abundant shade and a cool breeze, it hardly felt like an outdoor June wedding!

Jen and Brian included their kids fully in their wedding ceremony. It was as much about the joining of the family as it was about the joining as husband and wife. It didn't quite take the cake as my smallest wedding (I believe there were 17 people at this one and 10 at my smallest), but it wasn't far off. There's just something awesome about capturing intimate wedding ceremonies. I always feel honored when I'm chosen to photograph an occasion as important and meaningful as a wedding, but when you're also chosen to be one of so few to witness the event at all, that's an honor all its own. Brian and Jen, congratulations. Congratulations on the marriage, and congratulations on the united family!


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