August 27, 2012

Sneak Peek: England Family Portraits

I took a vacation last week to visit my sister up in the Seattle area. Before I went, I made plans with my online friend, Emerald England, to meet up for a photo trade. It was so great to finally meet her in person! It's ridiculous how much we have in common. She shot some new headshots for me; the one I've been using was taken well over three years ago. She also created some gorgeous portraits of my sister and her son, and some with me in the mix too. In exchange, I shot family portraits for her. The last time they'd had family portraits made was shortly after their daughter was born six years ago. What is with us photographers neglecting to have our own lives photographed? Right now I'm angling for new professional portraits of my husband and me; the only ones we've ever had were on our wedding day in 2009. I can only do so much with a tripod and a self-timer. In any case, Emerald and I are both a little less neglectful now, thanks to this trade. I'm thrilled with the photos I received, and I hope she will be just as happy with hers. Here's a little peek at the photos of her gorgeous family:

Oh, and here's my favorite headshot from the bazillion that Em gave me to choose from! That's little ol' me!


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