November 13, 2012

UT Dallas Engagement Portraits: Meghan & Michael

Cute couple alert! I met up with Meghan & Michael last month on campus at UT Dallas to shoot their engagement portraits. I'm a UTD kiddo too, and it's been interesting seeing the campus go from a boring compound of 1970s era, concrete buildings, to a pretty darn good place for a portrait session! The campus improvements (and resulting road closures and sidewalk detours that Meghan, Michael and I all endured) are really paying off. The big, boxy, concrete buildings are still there of course, but despite that, it's becoming a much prettier campus.

I met Meghan in our introductory 3D modeling class. I think both of us struggled through that semester a bit. Creating 3D graphics is fascinating, but the time commitment was pretty much a 3rd job for me at the time. Considering I'm a photographer and she's a web designer, we didn't have much business being in the class either, except that it's a degree requirement. In any case, we bonded a bit over struggling through every assignment. We've bumped into each other again over the years via other classes, industry events, and Celtic get-togethers like ceili dances and the North Texas Irish Festival (she's a stepdancer and I'm a fiddler, so it's bound to happen). I don't have any particular stories to tell about her beau, despite him being in my degree program too. I met him first at a ceili dance, and again at this shoot, and for being a willing participant at both, he gets my seal of approval.

He and Meghan get my approval for another reason, of course:
They're taking me along to photograph their wedding at Disney World! Is it 2014 yet?


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