April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! I guess it wouldn't be nearly as cute for me to slam my face into my cake now that I'm all grown and such, so I suppose I'll refrain. Actually, I'm not really big on cake, so it's probably a moot point anyway. But if I have a celebratory pie or cobbler, I'll still try to keep my face out of it. I don't have too much planned for my birthday this year. A birthday dinner (for all of us with April birthdays) with one side of the family is on the books, and we just decided to throw together a birthday dinner on the other side too, but otherwise it's a working weekend for me. I'd love to have time for a friends-inclusive birthday shindig, but it's just not on the books this year. That's alright though, so long as Opie makes me a pie. ;)


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