April 10, 2012

Trajan is 4 and Gus is 3.

Opie and I have a tradition for our dogs' birthdays. It stems from a family tradition that he brought into our relationship. He grew up taking his dog Caesar to McDonald's on his birthday for a vanilla ice cream cone. We haven't picked up the McDonald's portion of the tradition, but our dogs do get ice cream for their birthday. I used to protest the fact that Opie wanted to give them Blue Bell ice cream, given its cost and absolute deliciousness, but well... I've given in. So, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla it is. My dogs are spoiled. At least we only do it once a year! Gus (our fawn Great Dane) turned 3 on Saturday. Trajan won't actually turn 4 until July, but we can't very well celebrate with ice cream for one dog at a time! If you're wondering about their names, Trajan and Augustus (Gus) were Roman Emperors. Another continuing trend started by Opie's old dog Caesar. At the vet, Trajan invariably gets called Trojan, but c'est la vie.


mwc liz Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 5:39:00 PM CDT  

Super cute, we give our cats a can of wet food in their favorite flavor when its their birthday. We also occasionally let them lick the ice cream bowl after we have finished, mine like butter pecan.

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