April 15, 2012

Natasha's College Senior Portraits in Allen, Texas

Yesterday, I met up with Natasha, her mom, and one of her good friends here in Allen to shoot some portraits for her college graduation announcements (and because everyone need pretty photos of themselves, am I right?). Natasha and I have known each other since we were about 12 and 13. We played violin together in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra downtown. I can't recall if we were stand partners or what exactly made us gravitate toward one another, but we did, and soon started carpooling every week too. I quit that orchestra after 9th grade, but I talked her into coming up to Cape Breton to take fiddle and step dancing lessons with me one summer (we were fortunate kids to have such an awesome experience in such a beautiful place). Facebook has been our only means of communication since then, so it was wonderful to see her again in person!

Since facebook facilitates a little healthy stalking, we knew in general terms what the other had been up to, but it was great to catch up. We both started out at small private liberal arts schools before making the move to state schools, and she'll be graduating from LSU here in about a month. Proud of you, lady! I know you'll go far.

The weather was trying to be uncooperative for our "sunrise" shoot, but we dodged the raindrops, and the overcast skies made for some beautiful diffused light. Enjoy these first few photos!


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